Comprehensive Physical Examinations,
Bloodwork & Wellness Services

At Lolien Medical Aesthetics and Wellness, we are committed to ensuring that our patients are not only looking and feeling their best but also maintaining optimal health. A thorough physical examination is vital to monitoring and optimizing your overall health and wellness. We offer referrals and prescriptions for blood work and labs for all of your life’s needs.

Whether that might include young children seeking entry into a new school or daycare. As well as college-age adults both entering university, or even a new workplace or job. Our clinic is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your every needs, including full physicals and laboratory referrals for all blood work and testing.

Full Physical Examinations

Our full physical examinations are designed to provide a complete overview of your health and well-being. They include a detailed assessment of your medical history, a thorough physical examination, and, when necessary, bloodwork and laboratory tests can be ordered out to one of our connected labs. No matter if the physical is needed for the requirements of schools, colleges, and employers, or ensuring you are fit to participate in educational programs, sporting activities, or even to start a new job.

Bloodwork and Laboratory Tests

Our clinic is equipped to perform various bloodwork and laboratory tests, ensuring you receive a comprehensive assessment of your health. These tests may include cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, complete blood counts, and more. The results of these tests are crucial for detecting any underlying health issues and ensuring that you are in the best possible condition.

Prescriptions and Referrals

If your physical examination or blood work indicates a need for prescription medications, Dr. Khiani and her experienced medical professionals can provide the necessary prescription options, referral laboratory testing and referrals to specialists. Additionally, should you require more specialized tests, immunizations, or vaccinations, we offer referrals to trusted laboratories and healthcare providers. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we will assist you in every way possible to ensure you receive the care you need.

School, College, and Workplace Requirements

Whether you are a student heading off to school, a college student with academic prerequisites, or an individual embarking on a new job, we can help you meet the specific requirements for your institution or workplace.

At Lolien Medical Aesthetics and Wellness, your health and wellness are in expert hands. Dr. Khiani and her dedicated team is here to provide the support and services you need to meet your physical examination and wellness requirements for school, college and more. For more information on any immunizations, specialized tests or physicals please contact us today.

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