Did you know your eyebrows can make you STUNNING

Audrey Hepburn. When her name comes to mind I think Iconic beauty. But then I have to ask myself why? Besides her chiseled jawline and high cheekbones when I look at her I immediately get drawn in by her eyebrows and eyes.

Then I started to think of other women who I feel are true perfection. Meghan Markle, Priyanka Chopra, Anjelina Jolie, Jessica Alba. I noticed I was really attracted to faces with thicker minimally arched eyebrows.

When I first started performing botox treatments besides someones overall skin health the first thing I would pay attention to was someones eyebrows.

Thinning eyebrows made someone look older.

Thicker brows revealed youth.

Lack of eyebrows took away from a persons beauty.

Eyebrows frame the eyes and you know the saying \”eyes are windows to the soul.\”

If the windows have beautiful curtains surrounding them it changes EVERYTHING

To have an aesthetically pleasing face I know we pay attention to wrinkles and volume loss but what about the eyebrows?

In fact the right eyebrows for your face are an anti-aging secret.

If you look at all the celebrity transformation besides the fillers, botox and sometimes plastic surgery they all usually have thicker WELL BALANCED brows for their face.

Eyebrow shaping is an art.  Ones eyebrows have to be sculpted according to their own unique facial proportions.

I Love Gwen Stefani as an example. Her eyebrows have completely transformed her face. Yes sure she might have had botox and appropriate filler but her facial features are essentially the same.

According to Anastasia Soar  ( founder of makeup brand) who developed the patented Anastasia Golden Ratio technique eyebrow shape is determined by ones own bone structure and facial characteristics. Depending on your face shape and certain brow shape will look aesthetically better on you.


For a Long Face the recommendation is to avoid arches and keep thicker minimally arched brows for balance

For a Short Face higher arches are recommended to lengthen the face

For a Round Face medium to thick brows are preferred , with an arch and brow ends being long

For a Oval face it is recommended to keep the brows shorter.

For heart shaped the only brows to avoid are straight brows.

For a square face it is recommended to keep the arch to a minimum

Eyebrows frame and flatter the eyes and in fact alters the perception of the nose.  I can attest to this myself. I stated losing a lot of my eyebrow hair in my early 30s. I realized it changed my appearance a lot and I’d always carry an eyebrow pencil.

Then I slowly started learning about MICROBLADING


So what exactly is microblading?

It is semi permenant tattooing technique using a thin blade to scratch and deposit pigment in a specific hair like pattern giving the appearance of natural looking hairs (as opposed to the old technique which just deposited pigment )

The pigment differs from that of a tattoo because its semi-permanent ; your body eventually ends up metabolizing it and the dye particles are less concentrated than a tattoo’s ink

The result is natural hair like strokes giving you the eyebrows you’ve always wanted.

Yearly touch ups are recommended. This technique has completely transformed my life. I no longer am self conscious about leaving the house without any eyebrows on!.

Another Game Changer for Brows ?

BOTOX®  and Other neuromodulators

When placed appropriately and by an experienced injector , the eyebrows will have a slight arch to them .  To do this the neuromodulator has to be injected in the frontalis muscle in the forehead and/or the orbicularis oculi muscle around the eye.

When injected in the forehead you can end up with a very high arch as well  but no fear, this can be corrected on the touch appointment which is usually 2 weeks after the treatment.  Sometimes with botox the eyebrows can droop but this is why it is crucial to go to an experienced injector so this can be avoided.

When injected into the lateral eyebrow it gives a slight lift and it can sometimes really help with eyelid sagging as well since it affects the eye muscle itself.

Yes, the above methods are invasive.

Not into that?

Looking for natural methods to making your eyebrows thicker and defined?

I find Castor oil ,vitamin E oil, and olive oil to be a great natural alternative. Usually the best time to apply is at night with a q-tip and wash off in the am.

LATISSE®  is another great option . Marketed for growing your eyelashes this can be applied to the eyebrows as well.  You will need a prescription for this.

 Believe it or not , your diet matters as well.

Eating nutrient rich foods such as vegetables, lentils, fish, nuts/seeds, and good fats ie eggs, avocados, olive oil are VITAL

Eyebrow and eyelash hair have shorter growth hair phase called anagen. Hence it takes longer for the hair to grow

Hormonal changes, stress , post partum state , chemotherapy and thyroid disorders all can contribute to eyebrow hair loss as well

Some natural supplements to support hair growth include biotin , vitamin b complex, vitamin E and vitamin D

Dehydration can also contribute to hair weakness and more hair shedding and thinning ( see my article on importance of water)

Having flawless eyebrows suited for your own face is a facial feature that will never go out of style. 

Don\’t forget to pay attention to them.

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